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You Already Know Cuzzos! Ya Favorite Petty Cousins Have A Brand New Time Twisty Episode Including Our #FREEISHFOUR featuring:


1) Memoirs of A Chris-sha (And His Head-Ho Experience)


2) Ricky STANNING Of Loki (Sorry Waaaaaaandavisionnnnnnn)


3) A FREEISH Review Of The HOusewife And The Hustler


4) And Does Being A “Pipehitter” REALLY Make You A Patriot?


#PressPlay And Listen For Every Gratuitous Reference You Can Find! And DON’T FORGET to follow us EVERYWHERE you USED TO stalk your exes (cause we’re older and wiser now 😅). (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Tik Tok). We Will Be Doing Some Great Giveaways Once We Get These Numbers Up!



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Release Date

June 12, 2020


Love my cuzzins too much! Ricky’s laugh always sends me and Chris Rodgers provides excellent shade. Love to hear them every week!