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Y’all Better Get Into This Episode Cuzzos Cause This Shit Is FUNNY! Ya Favorite Petty Cousins Have A Brand New #FREEISHFOUR featuring:


1) The Official FREEISH Introduction To All Stars 6 (Maybe… We Can’t Remember 😅)


2) A #FREEISHINVESTIGATES Deep Dive Into The Kendrick Cole Case


3) Can We Talk About Where The MCU Is Doing RN (Feat. LOKI)?


4) And A Look Into THEMED PARTIES (Cause We Tryna FUNNNNCTION)


#PressPlay And Listen To The END Cuzzos! And DON’T FORGET to follow us EVERYWHERE you USED TO stalk your exes (cause we’re older and wiser now 😅). (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Tik Tok) Don’t forget to share and help spread the Gospel of #FREEISH! We appreciate ALL THE LOVE! 🎉



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Release Date

October 29, 2020


I enjoy this podcast tremendously, I feel like the content is fresh and relatable. I am happy that I get listen to their “ridiculous” discourse. They give the vibe of really just being chill. They embody the phrase, “your favorite cousins”. Give them a listen. Thumbs up.