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Beyoncé and Beyoncé's Husband hath snatched our edges once again. This week's episode is dedicated to the King & Queen of a Gag. In celebration...

Daytime TV: Uncensored

Happy Pride Month Family!   "And in the great tradition of Paris Is Burning the library is open." Azealia Stanks has accused RuPaul of plagiarism Why we didn’t...

Trash: Uncensored

Since we aint got the coins for the MetGala, this week we attempt to throw a FreeishGala of Foolishness. GETCHU SOME OF THIS FOOLISHNESS  

Infinity Wig

Our edges, this episode and Wakanda are all mess this week as we try to hide our Infinity Wig from Thanos. This Week on the...

Keeping Up With The Mess

 GET INTO THIS FOOLISHNESS AND MORE  @FREEISHMEDIA Listen and Dowload the latest episode before Jesus comes back.

Freeish Drops Podcast New Episode ‘The Caucasity’

51. The Caucasity White people are white peopleing again this week. Trump, Kim Kardashian and the The Night KingTaylor Swift act out as we just...

Hurricane Irma, Kim Kardashian, Sextapes: and it’s only Wednesday.

#Mood Kim Kardashian acts out on Twitter One thing you can always say about Kim Kardashian, sis knows how to keep her name in the spotlight....

FREEISH PODCAST | Take Notes Kids The Grammy nominations has social media in their feelings, while we attempt to avoid World Stan War 3, white women and their platforms piss...

#MusicMonday | Shiny Suits & Afro Juice This week edgeless pop stars, Bruno Mars and his juicy curl, The Weeknd's obsession with 80s music and more. Follow Us Across Social Media // @FREEISHCO FREEISH.CO

#MusicMondays | Happy Trilloween

It's LIT-O-WEEN! This week Meek Mill finally drops DC4, Joanne Goes Number One and we celebrates some favorite Halloween Music. SHARE IN OUR INSANITY //...
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