Sooo I only got to see half of Love and Flip Flop ClayCo (Middle finger to Directv Now) but I think I saw enough to give the episode a review that only #FREEISH can give 🤣. Yeah, so we’re just gonna skip EVRYTHANG (*Mercedes Man Diamond voice*) from the first part and go straight to hour 2 of the supersized Season 8 premiere. Y’all LHHATL has been on for EIGHT years 🤦🏾‍♂️ I don’t know if I wanna pull Mona’s wig or give her a kiss, but either way I’m taking notes. 

Let’s get into this first scene. Shikinah’s (HI?!?!!) at some Atlien event congratulating Rasheed and Kirk on being #couplegoals and I’m like, have we watched the same show? No but in all seriousness, I’m glad Rasheeda and Kirk’s writers have decided to write them into a positive(ish) storyline this season, and I’m ready to see Sheema (her words, not mine) storm the scene. I wonder if that anonymous wig belongs to Sheema though because I have a few questions. 

Scrap is getting the deep storyline this season, and is dealing with his newly found father not having the capacity to let Scrap know how he’s been affected by not having his son in his life. See, why am I typing this in a Love and Flip Flop review posts?!? I don’t have too much to say yet besides Karen King’s is definitely giving slightly more mature K. Michelle teas these days 🤔 #FREEISHfamilytree

We gon’ move on to miss Karlie Redd (her face tho?!?!?) and her fiancé, who’s name escapes me at the moment. He kinda looks like one of my old cousins with a hint of Timbaland though. They’re in love, but I’m more in love with the old clips of Karlie’s proposals. Come on modern day Liz Taylor! Karlie’s coming for your crown sis (or one of your engagement rings 🤣) 

Spice… Spice… Spice. We told you here right from #FREEISH HQ that when the stunts and shenanigans start once that red light is on, so we figured this would be brought up on the show (I was thinking like episode eight or nine but hey). Sooo SugaandSpice had a meeting with a producer who basically told her she needed a “different look” in order to break mainstream in the US. I’m not going to get into the colorist topic but we’d definitely like to hear what you guys have to say 👇🏾 Anyway, Spice had feelings and was like fuhdisshit! 

Mimi and Stevie, the original backbone (or beefcake!!) of Love and Flip Flop: Stonecrest Area, decided to have a meeting to see why Stevie pulled their daughter out of school and took her to meet “Auntie Faith” (we ain’t see that part 😴), but what I did see, was a PISSED Mimi. I just knew that vein was coming to say hi when Stevie said “I know you wanna smash but EYE AM MARRIED NOW” If Mimi had some flowers they woulda been in his face 😭 Glad to see her and Eva are fine after that… car robbery attempt? From Mimi’s garage? Hmm okay. 

So this next scene has a LOT going on, we’ve got the backhalf the cast all huddled up for filming in this one upper middle class kitchen, and we have the (newtomemaybeoldtoyou) girl Pooh who will be rounding out the cast as the new bougie ratchet chick. She’s apparently cool with Karlie but pissed she wasn’t invited to Karlie’s engagement party and wants KARLIE TO KNOW HER PAIN. I’m team Erica (as usual) on this one and YES FOR SIS MAKING HER GRAND LHH return (I know she’s returned or w/e before but idcidc). I’m also Mimi’s face when Pooh said something about Karlie being old and Mimi looked like Damn bitch I ain’t too far behind her 😭😭

Next up, Stevie and wifey Faith. All I got to say is Faith was a producer on R&B Divas soooooooooooo she’s with the shits. 

Random AF but Reallllllllllll quick can we give a FREEISH clap to TI and Tiny Friends and Family Cookout?? They have been on tv doing whatever it is that they do for however long it is that they’ve done it and that’s… something! They started flopping and was like Okay let’s just add the rest of Atlanta and keep it pushin’!

Pooh and Sierra talked about something (probably Karlie) but I forgot. 

Then Scrapp, Sas, and Karen had a family discussion about Scrapp’s daddy issues, and I’m Sas cause I’m out! This is still my face 😴

Alright Sheema and Daddy Duties ambassador Kirk! If Rasheeda wanna call herself Sheema and walk around in this wig I’m calling her Sheema too. It’s cute that Sheema Fierce is coming to accept Little Kannon, and I have no idea how hard it must be to have a situation like this happen and just have to deal. But you deal and you move on and you keep it pushing. At least the situation’s not getting worse (it is only episode one though)

AND of course we had to have the Stevie, Mimi, Faith scene (that we really should have gotten in part one) and of course Mimi’s one vein was never too far (Go listen to that Mariah Carey song NOW), but eventually Mimi and her vein calmed down when she realized Faith was a classy chick, and not assy like our other problematic fav the Baddest Puta. Anyway, I smell a spinoff coming cause Shaunie’s Full Court Life is ????? and Stevie J’s show is ????????? (Watch Faith secure a producer credit on it tho, I’m watching!) 

SO LAST BUT NOT (okay maybe) LEAST… Karlie Redd and Pooh! This whole time I been looking at this scene and hearing this scene and *whispers* I thought it was Jessica Dime wayyyyyyyy too late in the game for me to feel comfortable saying it. I knew Pooh was Pooh but damn she looks and sounds just like Dime. Anyway, I just knew someone was throwing something but the ladies just kept it at shade and ass today. Apparently Pooh and her man like open relationships and that’s tea tooooooooooo… literally no one because no one cares. I was dead though when she said Karlie’s tongue was up her butt all while looking like BeykenCiarihkeri though 🤣

Which scene was your fav, and who do you think is gonna bring the MESS this season. I’m nosy so let me know and make sure to follow us everywhere you stalk your exes and get to know your cousins 😎

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