Let us all blow the dust off our peaches and rejoice for the Real HouseAunties of Fulton County have returned! Despite all of the controversy leading up to this season premiere – Kenya not returning and I’m still mad about it – the ladies managed to pull out a positively serviceable first outing.

Everyone seems to be keeping it cute and doing their own things, but that’s always how the first episodes go. I’m sure the drama will ramp up when Shamari Bil Biv DeVoe poison pops onto the scene. She keeps being labeled as a wild card, which is usually code for messy.
I’m here for it. 
Unfortunately we have to wait until episode three before we get any juice from that peach.
Nevertheless, the returning roster of ladies brought it. Namely our ratchet fav, Porsha. No one loves quite as hard and quite as fast as Ms. Williams. A couple seasons ago she was ready to marry that dude, Duke, after about a month. Now here she is with Dennis for a hot second and they’re already buying rings and baking peach cobbler.
I’m not hating, I’m just saying get you a man that will buy you a 500k ring after less than a school semester’s worth of time together. 
On a more somber note, we gotta throw some prayers up for Gregg who has been battling cancer. The scene with the family and friends was very moving, though it did lead me to wonder… Does Brentt ever speak? I feel like the handful of times I’ve ever seen him he has never spoken.
But all the kids on RHOA never seem to have much of a voice. 
Another special shout out to Kenya for having a healthy baby girl on the day of the premiere. I love when the universe decides to be petty on your behalf. That’s truly magical.
Finally, the icon of the episode has to go to young Ms. Riley Buruss, when she shaded her mother with the iconic “I said what I said,” line that was once used against Kandi by Mrs. Leakes herself.
I’m hoping for a good season full of drama and sisterhood. No rumors that will actually ruin another bitch’s life and no super surface stuff to put us all to sleep. Bring the drama ladies, just not too much of tit. We have the heauxes on Married to Medicine for that now. 


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