So, I’m coming at y’all heauxes on my birthday and from my strep throat illness bed. Y’all are lucky that I love Insecure and that I love y’all lol because #issaLOT. Jumping right in, it seems like the name of the game is freshening things up. Issa is forcing freshness into her life like that one homegirl we all have who douches too much and eventually fucks up their pH balance. 

We see her out here being adventurous, striking out with new boy, Nathan (who I told yall would be back, I knew it. Who can resist someone that fine 🤷🏽‍♂️), trashing the old things in her life, breaking and entering with a side of indecent exposure, and eventually letting stupidity temporarily win and quitting her job before securing a new one. This is what we wanted for Issa though, right? For her to take her life by its titties and twist them into something that’s workable for her. 

Is she going about things in the right order? On first thought, probably not. But Issa being a mess is why we keep coming back right? Also, who the hell has over an hour to wait on four tacos? Please tell me where in LA this type of foolishness exists because I need to know 👀👀. 

Lastly, I need Issa to stop being so keen to listen to advice from literally everyone who has an opinion to give. Yes, Nathan is fine, but is he so fine that you should risk jail time by breaking into someone’s house just because it sounds fun? Nah. No one is that fine. Well maybe Obama but that’s a story for another day. 

And speaking of things that are not that fine… Molly alienating herself in her new position grinds my gears. Right when you think she’s doing something smart, she doubles back and does something stupid as hell and leaves us all like WTF. 

No wonder Molly and Issa get along so well. As characters, they’re both enablers and dumb as hell sometimes. Gotta love ‘em though; I think we can admit there’s a little Issa and Molly in all of us. 

Now, I’m going back to bed. See ya’ll next week. 

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