I feel as though the decisions in this episode have left me with far more questions than answers… 🤦🏽‍♂️ Let’s get into it cousins.

I need Issa to stop breaking fat bitch rule number one, when you’re a bed snacker you cannot sleep on white/light colored sheets. It always leads to general disaster and we see later that Daniel doesn’t even have in-unit washing so that is just a big no no overall.

There are also a host of Molly related questions. When did she get a dog? Wasn’t her all-black firm in Chicago? Did I miss an entire plot point between last season and this one where it became LA based 🤔? Nevertheless, I need her to cut out this Dorothy Ann shit from the Magic School Bus; no one wants to hear how everything was done at your old office. If you have a suggestion just frame it like that because the constant comparison is going to get real old real quick for these people.

She’s not completely wrong though because some things should be industry standard. If you want to be known for good work and attract the best attorneys then you need to get basic shit like Docusign. Seriously, what office doesn’t use that?

Speaking of jobs, I’ve had about enough of Issa’s self sabotaging ass. Just like last week her Inner Saboteur is strong af and always has the tightest grip on her edges. She knows good and damn well she doesn’t want to live in that funky ass hood apartment when she could be laying up with Daniel’s fine ass. Also, why not try and pursue the job with the musical kids?! WE GOT Y’ALL SUCKS OUTSIDE OF FRIEDA. Now she’s trying to set up that new girl to be the new token black girl. SMDH.

SIGH. I do not get Issa sometimes.

Her problem is she listens to her talking ass friends too much. She let them get all up in her ear and throw a monkey wrench into her living situation because their petty asses couldn’t handle laying up in the bed with a fine ass man and not getting it in with him. (I don’t get it either, but damn it the situation was working).

But we all know Daniel is not without his flaws. Because he never knows when to stand up for himself or when it’s time to shut the fuck up.

Prime example, when he tried to play his original mix for that disrespectful light skinned dude (who I will not call by name because he objectified the true Goddess Viola Davis, which I will not allow). He let Khalil punk him when he should’ve talked about why his mix was the better one, instead he sat there and looked foolish while Khalil finessed his gig right off the table. But then he’s good to go back and bitch at Issa, get the fuck outta here with that.

The moral of this episode is: Know when the timing is right and strike while the iron is hot.

God damn it’s not that hard. (I say as I get ready to go to work at a job I can’t fucking stand. But y’all know to do as I say not as I do, damnit.

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