So all y’all favs on Love and Hip Hop: Inglewood got a little bit of money from thottin’ and boppin’, right? Seriously, I don’t watch often enough to really know. I think some of them might be singers and mixtape rappers, but for the most part they’re all baby mamas and baby daddies participating in recreational coonery for a couple bucks and a bit exposure. Yeah? Fine, far be it from me to knock anyone’s hustle. 

Because please know I would show up and turn up on camera for a couple of bills. Who needs self respect when you’re getting paid? The serious question I have here is if the main purpose of this show is to chronicle the life and times of would be thots and rappers (and their surrounding family members) then why is it that 9 times out of 10 they’re rocking something busted, dusty, or just down right wrong? 

Example: A1 in some recent episode was having a lovely chat with his mother, running down his cheating wife Lyrica. The camera had the serve to slow pan up mama’s all red everything outfit and then settle right on her wearing the most synthetic of synthetic Barbie Doll plastic wigs. Then Lyrica G comes in with that wet and wavy chair throwing wig. 

If the main premise of the show is to be flexing and making all of us lesser 9-5ers jealous of the fly ass life y’all are living then why are the wigs in a lower tax bracket than I am? I’m not envious of that. I’m not jealous when I see y’all flexing in your Fashionnova tings. I can BUY 👏🏾THAT 👏🏾TOO 👏🏾 AND 👏🏾 I’M 👏🏾 BROKE. 

When I think of Hollywood, I want to see people flexing in Gucci and generally being great with a side of recreational coonery, because that’s what makes for good tv. Truthfully, I didn’t really have a point. I just saw Mama Pam’s wig and got triggered. Just… Do better y’all. I know you can. 

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