I love that my girl Issa throws us right into drama this season. Seriously, who isn’t salty when they know someone around them is getting it in and they’re hoe-tation is currently hiring in all positions? At least she made an attempt to be productive. When there’s no dick to be around, making money is a pretty good substitute. This housing situation Issa finds herself in is not going to work out for anyone, which begs the question why doesn’t Issa just stay with Molly? Especially while sis is out on the island getting her groove back. That was a free luxury apartment she could’ve luxuriated in. 

Damn Issa, keep up. 

Issa living all of our her work nightmares with her weak ass coworkers (however I get the one girl not wanting to risk her own promotion for Issa’s ass) and her boss. It’s so relatable that I can’t even address it properly… So, I won’t. Not yet anyway. I’m sure as the season goes on both Issa and myself living through Issa will get tired of NoAnne’s BS. 

Let’s just take a brief second to acknowledge the lady in the nude illusion pleather pants looking like a discount Shangela. She was serving looks… Stunting pre— never mind. 

The next hot topic is going to be where Molly and Dro actually end up. This situation was nuclear levels of messy from the beginning and it is only enhanced by the fact that they’re literally dating while home body has a whole wife at home. A wife that he can take calls from while in bed with her, but she can’t bring up at all without him copping an attitude… Niggas. 

Calling it now, Nathan (who we all know as the fine mf from The Vampire Diaries) is about to be Issa’s new bae. Wouldn’t you bone the dude who left you a $50 tip on a $12 ride? Yes, I’m forgiving him for leaving them alone with the big dude after incapacitating him in the back of Issa’s car. What? It’s a story to tell! 

Now come in close y’all because I need y’all to kiki in the comments and let us know what you thought of the episode and what you think is gonna happen next? How long will it be before Molly let’s Dro in those panties again? 

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