On today’s episode of Coworkers Chronicles, I have some workplace tea for all y’all since y’all aint doing nothing at work today.

Okay now that I’m good and turnt, we can get into it. Now for anyone who knows me, I like to keep it cute at work. Relatively pleasant and supremely unbothered.  I’m here to collect a check and mind my business. Unfortunately on this day, I was accosted, attacked, and assailed by some white foolishness. 

I’m minding my business at the front desk when this annoying little troll of a man that I’ve been dealing with all day rolls up to make frivolous conversation with me about paint or something I don’t care about. 

That was until my coworker starts walking towards us. Troll Man asks me what his name is. I tell him. He proceeds to play 20 questions with my coworker like he is suddenly the most interesting person in the world… 

Spoiler alert: He’s not. 

It’s important to note that Troll Man actually has a decent rank in the company which is why he can bounce around all afternoon talking about paint palettes and shit. 


Troll Man decides that he wants to take a walk with my coworker. As they walk away I hear him talk about how he’d be interested in giving him a job. 

Trust and believe my black hard working I need to escape this corporate plantation ass was looking like wut? 


Come to find out, tired ass Troll Man told him that he could basically go on the company site and pick out a job he feels suited for and he’ll hook him up.

No shade to my coworker because he’s genuinely alright, it wasn’t his fault that he was born of the thin cawcajun persuasion. 


I am pissed that this man had the caucasity to make this proposition in front of my black ass like I wasn’t even there. Then have the nerve to remember I existed and attempt to laugh it off like a damn joke as they pranced their asses down the hall to give each other what I assume was the good old fashion slob on my…. Nevermind. 

Not today Satan. 

The moral of the story my little underdogs is that people who are lucky enough to be cute and cawcajun may get shortcuts and fast tracked in life, but that’s no reason to key their cars or anything ratchet like that. Remember that your time will come and you’ll be able to rub that shit all up in the faces of all the little Troll Men who didn’t believe in you. 

I’M STILL HUMAN AND I’M STILL PISSED. So, I need some laughs.

Do me a favor and  sound off in the comments about the last cawcajun foolishness you’ve encountered at work. 

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