5 Random Moments Mariah Carey proved she was the Queen of Shade. 

Over her 30 year career, Mariah Carey has become the Queen of many things. Queen of vocals. Queen of Christmas, Queen of singing live when she wants to. But Most importantly Mariah Carey has fought for the as the Queen of shade.

From the pettiness to the strangely obsessed, here are 5 random moments Mariah Carey proved she is the Queen of shade.

When she was really confused about what Nicki Minaj *actually* does

2012 was a rough year for Mariah Carey. She was forced to be a judge on American Idol with former ‘Up Out My Face’ sister Nicki Minaj. The two engaged in one of most draining beefs of reality television. In this interview with messy Barbara Walters, Mariah catches amnesia on what Onika dies successfully. 

When she reminisced about a singer she loved in middle school

Back in the back back days Madonna told reporters that she’d “rather die than be Mariah Carey”. Whether the comment stemmed from Madonna’s old age or jealousy, Mariah’s response showed that even in the early stages of her career Mimi wasn’t one to be attacked

When she only knew one type of Eminem

Whether Eminem and Mariah Carey actually or not back in the day remains irrelevant to this day after the rumors sparked a legendary feud. Mariah gave us Obsessed and Eminem did things. 

When she had to get Wendy Williams together

It was all good back in 2001 during an call in interview with Wendy Williams. But when Mariah began catching slight shade thrown from the wigstress, Mariah had to let her know her 10 mins was long enough before the hood rat jumped out. 

All the times she just didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was

No other words neeeded.

Whats your favorite shady Mariah Carey Queen of Shade moment? 

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