Es Mejor Orar por Joseline

Okay y’all, Joseline the Puerto Rican Duchess or whatever, seems to be yearning for some attention because homegirl’s fingers have been moving today! Since it’s a slow day at work for me, I suddenly have time too. Let’s just get this in there before I get cursed out and then blocked. I actually really like Joseline and I find her to be very entertaining, but let’s call it like it is. She is pressed today. 

Today her IG feed has featured a few posts about her messy baby daddy drama and a grammatically incorrect struggle post about Wendy Williams’ birthday. Let’s unpack some of this… Because we have time today. 

First off, the Duchess claims to be paid, booked, beat, and unbothered… However, her actions show that she is nothing of the sort. Why? Because she’s literally always on social media. Not just posting, which is cool, but she is all up in comments and replies and it’s just not a solid look. It’s a direct contradiction to that ‘I’m a bad bitch’ energy that wafts off you. But that could just be the smell of Hennessy and Black & Milds. 

Anyway, she’s posting texts between her and “Asshole” fka Stevie ‘America’s Fav Baby Daddy’ J. He claims to still be in love with her and blah, blah, blah. It seems like her intention was to shame him for being messy and claiming to love Faith Evans, his new wife (I didn’t even know they were together, but whatever) while simultaneously confessing that he wants her back… 

Whew chile, the ghetto. 

Still, her plan to one up her baby daddy doesn’t really work out. Because she willingly joined a roster of about 15 other baby mamas. Why would he not pay the child support for his other 300 children, but pay for yours? It’s been long established that Stevie J was a mess. This isn’t new tea, so… Next. 

The Wendy post. There isn’t much to say about that aside from it makes Joseline come off callus as hell because there wasn’t a beef with Wendy. One can only assume that this frustration comes from Wendy having Mona Scott-Young on her show and saying that no one cares to watch a show about Joseline because she’s more or less irrelevant now. 

Wendy didn’t lie. 

Joseline just doesn’t draw the way that she thinks she should. Her show seems like it might be on track to do about as well as her music sales… Which I can only assume is not great. This is not an attack on Joseline herself, but on her messy ass behavior. She was showing promise earlier in the year when she was preaching about love and light. Now, she seems to have regressed into being a bitter ass Betty because everyone is living their best ratchet lives and she’s just watching from the sidelines. 

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