On this blessed Hump Day the lord has given us, we want to extend the happiest of How you Doin’ birthdays to the ultimate shade queen, Wendy Williams. For the past 100 years, this auntie has built an empire by burning up and turning up with everyone’s tea as she sits atop her purple throne. Many have tried to snatch Wendy’s crown and the blonde wig it’s pinned to, but none have ever managed to even shift it. Why? Because a true queen doesn’t engage with the, as Wendy calls it, swill.  That and the fact that apparently no one wants to cross the state line into New Jersey to square up with her.  

Nevertheless, Wendy prides herself on saying it like she means it and truly doesn’t care if your fragile feelings are hurt in the end. That’s big mood energy, right there. Even this week as throngs of paupers and all around lesser beings literally wish death on Wendy, which is tacky af, but that’s another story. Today, Wendy sits as sovereign shady ruler of Shade Land with teapot in hand, ready to let our cups runneth over with the juiciest personal details of people way outside of our tax brackets. 

Let’s take a moment to put aside all the foolishness and honor the woman who paved the way for all of us to be our truly messy, shady, and nosy selves. Truthfully, most of us are just mad that she’s getting paid to do what we do for free. But that’s none of my business. 


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