On The ReRun is upon us and Beyoncé has yet to release new music. But that’s besides the point. 

In preparation for Beyoncé (and whatever production Blue has put together for us) let’s talk/argue about the Queen’s past 6 concert tours and where they rank on the scale of ‘You did that’ to ‘Where’s my edges?’

I need all my #CommentCousins on this because I wanna know where the girls ranked on your Beyoncé legendary tour list. 

Six. The Dangerously In Love Tour 

The Dangerously in Love Tour was Beyoncé’s first solo concert tour. Its lasted 6 shows and was comprised of the Queens debut solo album bops and Destiny’s Child classes. She comes in at number 6 because it was her first. If you’ve seen the video you know she was serving life but showed a lot of room to grow performance wise. 

Five. On The Run Tour

On The Run was an ambitious endeavor for the Queen pulling 109 Million across 21 dates.  An all out stadium tour with her husband, the tour was critically acclaimed for its movie-style theme and cinematic production.Both Beyoncé and Beyoncé’s Husband were critically praised also for their onstage performance abilities, despite her husband always running up on stage. 

Four. I Am World Tour

In support of her 2008 album I am Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé served us the I am World Tour. Pulling in over 119 Million across 108 shows, the I am World Tour gave us a another level to Beyoncé’s performance ability. It was also know for its sickening DVD that was filmed around the world. 

Three. The Mrs. Carter World Tour

The gag of the season, Mrs Carter World Tour became the Queen’s longest running tour making over 230 Million over 132 shows. Although hailed for the cohesive stage show and flawless execution, this tour was set apart by its timing. The tour dropped between a Beyoncé drought and the release of her iconic Beyoncé album. The queen had the nerve to switch the tour up and serve us a second leg. 

Two. The Formation World Tour 

The Formation World Tour made 256 Million over 50 dates and I’m still searching for my edges. The all-stadium tour’s associated album Lemonade was released four days prior to the concert. The tour was praised by music critics for Beyoncé’s performance abilities as well as its vast production, with the tours centrepiece, a 60 feet rotating cube nicknamed the ‘Monolith’ by designers, being described as a “game changer” for stadium concerts. 

One. The Beyoncé Experience

The essential Beyoncé concert experience, The Beyoncé Experience was her first worldwide tour. Grossing 90 Million over 97 shows, the show was praised for the first time the legend JUMPED OUT. Shaheem Reid of MTV News commented on The Beyoncé Experience stating, “There are few (very few) ladies out there who can really sing, a lot who can dance, a lot more who look good — but really no other who can combine all three and add iconic star power like [Beyoncé], arguably the best all-around stage performer in the game right now.”

Do you agree with my ranking? If not, how would your rank Beyoncé’s legendary tours? 

Let’s talk/Argue in the comments

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