We’re halfway through Season 10 and the shade overfloweth.

If you are a Rupaul’s Drag Race stan and we’re connected to an internet source this week, then you’ve heard about the shade surrounding Season 10 Queens Asia O’Hara and Eureka at Rupaul’s DragCon LA 2018. 

Sunday, Asia O’Hara took to social media to call out one of the Season 10 Queens on being to grand to take a picture with Asia. 

Fans immediately pointed the finger at Eureka after similar reports were expressed by other seasoned Queens like season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio. 

Now I’m not sure what happened after that because Eureka O’Hara has yet to respond and Asia put up a video from her IG live explaining that it “wasn’t necessarily Eureka” but her staff that was rude to Asia. 

This sounds like Mother Ru got to the girls and make them squash this foolishness. Seems like the top 2 of the top 3 can’t be beefing ahead of the end of season 10. 

What do you think?

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