This is Freeish: Uncensored where we spill a little extra tea on this week’s episode.

This week category is…co-workers as Chris & Ricky discuss the good, bad and the foolishness. 

Chadwick Bozeman is sick of y’all and this Wakanda forever foolishness. Black twitter did the most this week after noticing that Black Panther Star was losing his Wakanda pride during recent Infinity War appearances. 

Azealia Banks vs Cardi B week 2 proves to be just as draining. We talk what change needs to happen to chance female rap.

Basketball Aunties are back and the drama is thick and we talk throwbacks and previews of the upcoming season of Basketball Wives.

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Drag Race has been lit and we’re calling shade on Eureka after Asia O’Hara called her out on her shady Dragcon attitude. Read the full article here:

We randomly question if Missy is a top because y’all wanted us to. 

What does Love & Flip Flop have to do to get better? This week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was trash so we throw Mona some ideas to spice up the season. 

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Ice T makes our #FreeishFav because he’s been booked since we can remember. 

We asked you to spill the tea on your Co-workers and Chile…just get into it.





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