Have you found your edges yet? 

Beyoncé made a glorious return at Coachella and it was black AF.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter snatched a crowd of millions (via stream because we won’t talk about the ticket prices) early Sunday Morning.

Much like Jesus on the third day, Beyoncé gave us complete and utter life with her comeback Coachella performance.

With over 100 dancers and edges scattered across whatever dirty field they crammed all them white people in, Beyoncé didn’t fail to deliver bop after bop after bop after bop.


From Beyoncé giving us HBCU realness to her bring out Kelendria and Tenitra for an iconic Destiny’s Child reunion, the Queen left us gagging, over white foolishness and kinda liking our cheating ass man again.

Here are some of the highlights and reactions to #Beychella

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