51. The Caucasity

White people are white peopleing again this week. Trump, Kim Kardashian and the The Night KingTaylor Swift act out as we just try to celebrate Beyoncé’s birthday and pray for Hurricane Irma and R&B Divas: Divorce victims.


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R&B Divas: Divorce Court

Keke Wyatt took to social media earlier this week to tearfullyshare that her husband of seven years, Michael Jamar, has asked her for a divorce while she is carrying their ninth child.Rumors have been swirling about Tamar Braxton and Vincent Hurbert maybe going through, but we choose to focus on Vince getting snatched like Rick Ross and Jezzy.

White People Be White Peopleing

Taylor Swift returned and now all of our caucasian cousins are acting out. Trump makes wild threats toward DECA over the wall. He also mishandled the current Hurricane crisis in the south. Kim Kardashian drops nudes on the TL and we hear she’s having a girl..well someone is.

Hurricane Names and Things

Hurricane Irma makes landfall and devastates the Caribbean islands and heads for Florida with Katia and Jose on her heels. We also cyle through the baddest hurricane names because we’re trash.

Usher Sextape Update

Basically sis lied about the sextape but does have herpes so…yea.


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