Kim Kardashian acts out on Twitter

One thing you can always say about Kim Kardashian, sis knows how to keep her name in the spotlight. After a quiet few weeks on social media, Kim took to her Instagram to drop a nude. (insert shocked face here)

She posted the image on Instagram alongside the caption:

“So honored to have been photographed by Mert and Marcus for their book new book! 20 years in the making! It’s out Sept 7.”

Now let’s be honest, Kim looks amazing here. But social media was quick to criticize Mrs. West:



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Hurricane Irma tightens her wig as she heads for Florida

Monstrous Hurricane Irma has sustained Category 5 winds, while ripping through the northern Lesser Antilles. The storm, tied for the second strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, is charging toward the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, southeastern Bahamas and, by the weekend and early next week, Florida and the Southeast U.S. Be Safe fam.

Lies, Lace-fronts & an Usher Sextape

As if this story wasn’t already the far outside of my business, the woman accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes now claims to have video.  In a recent interview Quantasia Sharpton said she has video of sex stuff. Usher, Sharpton claims, was aware he was being recorded.

“I actually have videos,” Sharpton said. When asked to clarify the nature of those videos and whether Usher was aware of their recording, she continued: “I’m not sure if I’m obligated to say that, but, um, yeah.”

I want to be removed from this narrative from here on out, because ew.

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