Issa Rae’s iconic HBO hit Insecure has been shaking #BlackTwitter’s Table all season. This season we, the audience, were forced to face the aftermath of the messy breakup between Issa and Lawrence. There is simply no other show on television that captures the honesty of today’s millennial experience.

She’s trying to rebuild her life in L.A., working at an educational non-profit called We Got Y’All. What makes Issa so special is her is rare combination of relatable warmth and lethal salt. She’s always fighting off her innate niceness. When she learns her ex has a new girl, she raps, “So I’m supposed to move on? Go high, Michelle Obama? Well, call me Lifetime, bitch, because I’m bringing the drama.”

-Rolling Stone on Insecure

Almost as savage as tensions in the Middle East, Insecure has divided the #BlackTwitter masses this season.

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