Y’all know we’re psychic right? No really. I know y’all wanna get into the new iPhone, so I decided to look into my crystal ball and see what the girls over at Apple are finishing up with this year 🔮. Yes, you heard correctly, Apple is putting the final touches on the only product that will have the girls going more crazy than a new Beyoncé Formation Tour DVD, the iPhone 8 (Or iPhone X, maybe iPhone edition, no one knows 🤦🏾‍♂️). Whatever they end up calling it, this shit is supposed to be AMAZING. I’m talking screen recording (🙌🏾), the ability to pay your plug directly through iMessage without cash, and new augmented reality (the project twin to virtual reality) features that are supposed to change how we do a lot on our phones. And this isn’t even the phone itself, just iOS 11 (the software powering the phone). My prediction is in, and I’m thinking Apple has something ICONIC up it’s sleeve 👀 Get into everything I think we’ll see in Apple’s newest iPhone


I’ll start off with the bad news first. The phone is going to be expensive AF and it probably isn’t coming out until October. The girls are saying that parts for Apple’s newest flagship are getting high and are hard to find, so in typical Capitalist fashion, the costs are being pushed to the consumers and the phone is being pushed back from a typical September release. We’re thinking around $1100 for the cheaper version of the phone, and $100 more for the plus version if there is one. As an Apple stan that is just FINE, however, as my coins are saved and ready to go 😁 Now for this SCREEN


The first thing you see when you look at a phone is the screen, somewhat like how the first thing I see when I look at people is their center part, or lack thereof. Most people are used to seeing black bezels across the top and bottoms of their screens, but Samsung kicked of a trend earlier this year with the Galaxy s8 that Apple is about to snatch and slay with their new device. The Galaxy s8’s screen to body ratio is a cute 80% Very cute, as anyone’s who’s held one can say. But we’re predicting an Apple screen to body ratio that beats this with the screen taking up damn near the whole front side. Only a small sliver at the top will be left for a bunch of crazy cameras and sensors. Hint: We feel like one of these sensors may be able to do some very cool facial things, like unlocking your phone 😯


Let’s move over to the back though because everyone loves a nice back. The camera on the iPhone 8 coming out this year is supposed to be a monster. I’m talking flipped to the side like it has an attitude, megapixels out the ass, and some new sensors specifically for augmented reality features. To do this, Apple’s supposed to take advantage of an updated camera and software tweaks to change how we view content on our phones. Just check out this video above for more. Now it’s easier than ever to meet that date you’ve been talking to on your app of choice (at the movies of course 😇) Going down the back, there’s one more thing *In my Steve Jobs voice for the real Apple fanboys*


This one pretty much speaks for itself. It looks like Apple is finally hopping on the wireless charging bandwagon, and will include that with the iPhone 8 this October along with increased battery like. This is lit for us at FreeISH HQ personally because as creatives who works from their phones often, it’s hard when your phone is constantly thirsty AF for battery. I’m always like “Didn’t I just ****** charge you 😡”. Now it’ll be easier than ever to charge your phone without it falling on your face while you’re sleepy as hell and typing one last message.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m the f***  EXCITED. Can you imagine the SICKENING Beyoncé twins pics we’re about to see from the iPhone 8 😩🙌🏾

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