Issa Rae’s hit HBO comedy, Insecure, returned Sunday night sparking a #BlackTwitter fueled battle of the sexes across social media watchers. Current Queen of television comedy, Issa Rae clearly has a savage fanbase that rivals the die hard fans of the BeyHive, the Rihanna Navy or Team IPhone. Sunday’s premiere opened to a record breaking 1.1 Million viewers. Double both the season on premiere and finale.

The season premiere showed Issa’s writing at it’s best as she successfully divided her audience into Team Issa and Team Lawrence (The LawrenceHive).

The family feud stems from the transgressions between the shows central couple, Issa and Lawrence. Last season, Issa and longtime unemployed boyfriend Lawrence struggled to (unsuccessfully) stay together after life exposed the monotony destroying their relationship.

This season we see Issa and Lawrence living separate live and trying to date. Issa is masterfully bad at dating, while Lawrence handing out zick at every chance he can. The final moments of the episode left many speechless and the rest with so many questions. We will be watching how this all turns out.

#BlackTwitter had all the feelings on the premiere:


So, Are you Team Issa or Team Lawrence?



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