For years Kevin Hart’s rap alter ego, Chocolate Droppa has been blazing the non-existent comedian rap charts with his off beat rhymes and aggressive attitude. Droppa seems to have many bet his match in singer Nick Jonas aka Vanilla Wafer. 

“All I’m reading on my timeline is, ‘Why you only challenge rappers?'” Droppa relates in the video. “So I said ‘That’s fine, why not bring a singer?'” Jonas begins the face-off, spitting about his “new whips” and the “white jeans” he’s wearing, and closes out his freestyle saying “I’m the Drake in this equation” referencing the Toronto rhymer’s beef with Meek Mill in the past. “You looking at a black bunny / Matter fact, you looking at that funny money”, Droppa retorts. “Boy if I catch you looking at me once again/ I’ma talk to you and tell you, you should’ve called a friend.”

Watch the Chocolate Droppa and Vanilla Wafer go head-to-head in the hilarious rap cypher below. 


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