Despite running the free world, President Obama made it his mission Tuesday to sit down with North Carolina A&T State University to talk about social activism. The student forum was hosted by ESPN’s The Undefeated. President Obama was asked what college and professional athletes can do to make a stand for social change.

Here are the Highlights:

On How to Get Involved…

“How you do it is less important than your commitment to using your platform to speak out. Get engaged. Get involved. Get educated about issues that are affecting your lives and figure out the best way to make a difference.”

On Ways to Make Your Voice Heard…

“Figure out the best way for you to get involved, whether it be protesting or mentoring. That is revolutionary.”

On Investing Time…

“On my deathbed, I won’t remember any bills I passed, any speech I gave, winning the Nobel Prize. I’ll remember holding hands with my children and taking them down to the park.”


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