Trump supporter Betsy McCaughey, the former lieutenant governor of New York, made claims Monday night that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite because the Democratic presidential nominee likes Beyoncé’s music.

“McCAUGHEY: Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus horrific, but in fact she likes language like this, quote, “I came to slay, b—-. When he F me good, I take his a– to Red Lobster.”

LEMON: Did she say that?

McCAUGHEY: That happens to be a line from Beyoncé.
SETMAYER: Beyoncé said that.”

These comments set off a firestorm of backlash accusing the GOP of reaching at this point. It would make no sense to say that because Hillary Clinton is in formation that Trump can sexually assault people.

White lady, mind your business and keep Beyoncé’s name out your mouth


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