Tuesday Nights have quietly become the Kelly Rowland Night of Television. With a lot of great freshmen and sophomore shows premiering on Tuesdays lately, we have your Tuesday night guide.



On FOX – 9pm/8pm c

Season Two of Scream Queens got off to a bizarre start, but we are holding out hope for Ryan Murphy’s sophomore installment of the series. Judging by the preview, everything look a little familiar.

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On FX – 10pm/9pm c

The new teaser of “Atlanta” episode five hints that Earn and Alfred will be meeting a celebrity. It also appears that Earn will make use of the opportunity to navigate his cousin’s burgeoning rap career.

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On ABC 10/9 c 

ABC’s Marvel Universe tie-in series, MARVEL AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.LD has hit the ground running in their fourth season. With the addition of the infamous Ghost Rider Character, we can expect a lot of action and a lot of (hopefully well done) special effects.


On NBC 10/9 c

NBC’s sleep hit, THIS IS US, is back for its second week after wowing audiences in its premiere episode. This series’ magic lies in its ability to seamlessly time jump through the lives of these characters. This week the show does another time jump, as we see the couple struggling to raise three 8-year-olds.

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