Apple is apparently eyeing another big acquisition to bolster the company’s rumored endeavors in the auto industry. Codenamed “Project Titan“, Apple’s car development offshoot featured employees from Tesla, among others. The original aim was to produce a self driving, all-electric car that would of course run Apple’s proprietary software inside. Now picking up steam, it would seem as though Apple would rather buy the expertise needed instead of trying to develop a car from the ground up. According to BGR, McLaren is valued at $2 billion, placing it in a price range similar to Beats at the time of its acquisition. Citing a report from the Financial Times, the deal would allow Apple to gain access to McLaren’s large amount of information about the future of the modern automobile. I’m team Apple all day; I can only imagine how much an self-driving, all electric Apple car would cost though! A bank-breaker for sure.

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