Hollywood Divas Season 3 

It seems like ages have passed since the glorious days of UPN taking over primetime. With such classics as Moesha, The Parkers and Girlfriends dominating urban television, UPN created a lane for B list actors to shine and live on in our syndicated hearts forever.

Years later, you may (or probably not) have questioned the whereabouts of your favorite sitcom cast aways. Like I wonder what Mya from Girlfriends is up to? Or I wonder what ever happened to Kim Parker? Or I wonder if Craig’s crazy girlfriend (not Nia Long) from Friday is still with us?

Like I said, you probably weren’t asking any of these questions, but TVONE decided to answer them for us anyway.

TV ONE’s mildly respectable hit series returned this summer to grace us with another season  of off center wigs, questionable career choices and auntie fights. With the addition of the beautiful Malika Haqq-Kardashian, this season turned up much like when your mother’s messy friends get drunk and get into about the past.

This season, the self-proclaimed divas focused on rebuilding their once almost glorious careers. Although everyone made personal and career strides this season, others (mainly Golden Brooks) found themselves struggling to stay booked. As Lisa Wu stirs the pot between the ladies (her greatest talent), Countess Vaughn finds herself getting caught in the crossfires of these flop’s aggression. And despite still struggling to find out what Paula Jai Parker actually does, she showed up this season to.

Here’s what y’all thought about this season in a 140 characters…


Get into the Hollywood Divas as they gear up for their unnecessary 2 Part Reunion show airing on August 17th and 24th only on TV ONE.



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